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Why do you need a website for your business?

Website design from Nabis Visual Design Vanderbijlpark, Vaal TriangleA website is a 24 hour international salesman that is always available anywhere in the world at any time. In most cases your website is the first contact between your business and prospective clients. It is for this reason that your website needs to be professional and communicate the right message about your business, products and or services.

In its simplest form, a website is a place on the internet that allows you to:

Promote your business and sell your products or services by using a Professional Website Design.

What is the minimum I have to buy to get a professional website design from Nabis Visual Design?

There are at least 3 main components to any website design:

  1. Domain Name (The website name for example
  2. Website Pages (Information about your business such as the company overview, products, services and contact details).
  3. Website hosting (A place to put the pages).

How much will a website design cost?

  1. We will register your Domain Name ( if available.
    R150-00 (Once-off)
  2. Website Pages (Company overview, product pages, gallery section, contact details, enquiry forms etc.)

Your choice of style and appearance will impact the price. However, there are reasons other than price that you should consider when choosing style and appearance.

We recommend that for your business exposure to the web, to start with several pages highlighting the services and/or products offered by your business, and at least one online enquiry form. The online enquiry form allows the user to fill in a pre-defined questionnaire about your products and services. It is then automatically sent to your business email address for example (yourname @

Our Starter Website Design Package

Up to 10 Pages that includes:

Home Page (Showcase overview of the nature of your business)
About Page (Company profile section)
Products and/or service pages (We recommend a dedicated page for each product or service)
Contact Page (Includes Google Map integration)
1 x Enquiry Form (Customers can send enquiries via your website
Gallery Section/s (Photo section showcasing each product or service)
Responsive Design (Your website responds to screen sizes on all devices, Desktop, Tablet and Phone)
Mobile Friendly (Allows Google to index your website for mobile searches)
Content Editing (Editing of photographs, graphics and body text)
Moderate SEO (Moderate Search Engine Optimisation to help customers find you on Google)
Google Submission (Submitting your website to Google and Google My Business – Maps)


Contact us for pricing

  1. Website Hosting (A place to put your new website pages)

Website Hosting costs are much the same as costs that you incur for a shop or office. Each month or year you can expect to pay a certain amount in rent, but much cheaper.

Our basic hosting package includes the following:

5 GB SSD storage
5 SSD databases
100 mailboxes
1 FTP account

R99-00 (Per month)
R75-00 (Annual renewal)

Check if a domain is available

Maintenance of your website

From time to time you will notice, once you have obtained a website design that your site will need some changes to keep track with your products and/or services and to stay in competition with your competitors. The biggest mistake that some website owners make is to not update their website when it is time to do so, leaving the site outdated resulting to the reflection of a bad image towards you and/or your business.

We offer website maintenance to all customers who obtained a new website design from us.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are many ways to promote your website such as Social Media, Television Printed Media or Radio. Arguably the most important means of promoting your website and the products or services you offer is through effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Search Engine optimisation, also known as SEO is the process of optimising the content on your website according to the standards set out by popular Search Engines. SEO allows potential customers to find your products and or services when searching on popular search engines.

Website Portfolio
Examples of our Website Designs.
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Website Design

Nabis Visual Design will design your corporate website to communicate your products and services with the right message. Your website is a 24 Hour salesman and need to be professional.

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Getting a new website is one thing, but without proper Search Engine Optimisation, prospective clients will not be able to find you when they search for your product or services. We can change that.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is all about sending the right message about your business. We develop high-quality sales tools in the form of Brochures, Catalogues, Business Cards, Company Profiles and much, much more.

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Not only do we offer design services, but we provide high quality printing services for your sales tools at affordable prices. We will handle the complete project from design to the final printed product.


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